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  • This wiki is about preteen series and cartoons so don't post anything further that that.
  • You have to pitch an actor before pitching a series/cartoon or anything else.
  • You have to not say bad words especially the F-Word.

Pitching a SeriesEdit

When Pitching a Series, you have to have a plot, characters and much more.

Step 1: Pitching a SeriesEdit

Before Pitching a Series, you have to have an actor. If you don't have one, just go to the Actors board and pitch one. You have to do this

  • Title (first a title at the top of the thread)


Then a Plot.


Then the Main Characters and Recurring Characters.

Main CharactersEdit
  • Here you have to write the lead role and his description
  • Then another main character here.
  • Then you can add more, the series has to have Atleast 4 main characters and maximum is 10.

Approved or NotEdit

If it gets approve 3 times, you're have to go to the casting board and audition your main characters and Reccuring. If someone disapproves it, you have to have 4 approvals and if someone else approves it, you have to have 5 approvals and if three people disapprove, then you have to cancel your series.

Also when the pitch is approved, you have to create the show page and wiki.

Step 2: Casting BoardEdit

You have to audition your main characters here, you have to create a thread in the casting board and audition your main characters. Managers will reply saying I wanna audition my actor and they will write the name of the actor and a link to the actors page. Then when you made your desicion of the actors acting in the series. You have to close the Casting Board and pitch the Pilot.

Step 3: Pitching the PilotEdit

If you finished the casting call, you have to pitch the pilot. First you have to make a thread in the Pitches Board and write the name of your series on top and you have to write "Pilot Pitch". Second you have to write the plot of first episode and also what'll happen and all the information for it. You have to get 3 approvals or you'll have to cancel your series. If it gets approved, you have to announce in a new thread in the Pitches Board how many episodes you'll have and all the information about the episodes. Then the admins have to discuss when it'll air. And that's how to pitch a series.

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