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Cool kids 2014
Bader Mousa
• 11/22/2015

Moving Wikis

I feel like this wiki is too messy or there's something wrong so I decided to move wikis just like Samantha (DancingAlone) did. The admins in that wiki are:

  • Bader_Mousa (Although I won't be around much)
  • StarfireButterfly
  • LylieKylie (Made him an admin for being here most of the time)

Anyway, I replaced Coolkids with LylieKylie because Coolkids, I now you have a life but your even spending more time in Wiki Channel than on here and your not even an admin there.

Here's the link: click here

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Cool kids 2014
Bader Mousa
• 12/4/2015
Wow your really nice. Thank you for understanding.
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