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• 11/21/2015

Acquiring the Next Step

We could acquire the Next Step here for three reasons, One, It's amazing, Two, It doesn't focus on girls only, it focus on both genders, Three, Drama!!!!!!!
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• 11/6/2015

Rising Stars | Series Pitch

Hey! I'm gonna pitch a show.

Rising Stars follows Daniela Lara, a tomboyish, sports fanatic, sixteen year old girl. Makala is an amazing athlete, and is involved in many sports. But one of her personal favorites is baseball. She has been on the town's baseball team all her life, until the president of the baseball leauge decides to make a rule: no girls allowed on the team anymore. Of course, this makes Daniela mad. But since she usually speaks her mind off, she stands up to the baseball president. The president states he was gonna let her break the rule, but since she stood up to him, girls are still not allowed to play. So Daniela takes matters into her own hands when she decides to start her own baseball team, and takes the teams best players (and her best friends) with her.

Daniela Lara: Daniela is a sports fanatic tomboy who is a professional in baseball. She speaks her mind every time she has to say something, and isn't afraid to stand up for her rights. Aside from baseball, Daniela has to focus on other things, like being an AP student, and a percussionist. She is athletic, she never gives up, and is very smart. She loves to play videogames too, and she hates animals and the color pink.
Drew Daffern: Drew is Daniela's best friend. He was ranked second in last year's top baseball players, and is kind of nerdy. He is reading 80% of every day, and plays basoon in band. He always has something to say, and he loves to ruin things with logic. He enjoys correcting people, especially Daniela, since they competed for the top spot on the smartest kid in school list last year.
Angel Molinar: Angel is a teammate of Daniela. He and Daniela are good friends, and they are both percussionists. Angel doesn't have every AP class like Daniela, so they don't have much time to hang out. But Angel always has Daniela's back, including when she decided to stand up to the baseball president. He is shy and quiet, but when he does talk, he's got a lot to say.
Tyler Luna: Tyler is a friend of Daniela. He was a huge supporter of Daniela when she revealed her plan to stand up to the president of baseball. He is the gamer type of boy, and is almost always in trouble. He barely qualified to be in the baseball team, considering how low his grades were. Daniela is his tutor, and he seems to be improving, but the gamer part of him you can never take away.

That is a show idea I had, where unlike Hours Before Dawn, the characters are older and I can actually find actors old enough. Hope you like it! :)
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• 10/7/2015

Hours Before Dawn | Series Pitch

Hi! I wanted to pitch a show for this channel. If I need to make an actor first...  where? Anyway, here's my pitch!

The show follows Dawn Everdeen, a thirteen-year-old tomboy with a bit of an aggressive attitude. There is something really special about Dawn though, and it is that she has a twin. A twin brother. But the thing is, her twin brother Kevin Everdeen was born before her, and he is always teasing her about it. The story is that the doctors were messing around while they were being born and Dawn ended up being born hours after her brother, and she gets teased by Kevin about it a lot. So now Dawn has to deal with her brother, while the science loving girl figures out a way to change the past and make herself, well, normal.

TBA as Dawn Everdeen - Dawn is a tomboy girl who loves science. She is aggressive, mean, and lazy. She hates being made fun of and keeps trying to figure out a way to avoid her brother embarrassing her because of the thing.
TBA as Kevin Everdeen - Kevin is the sweet, yet dimwitted twin brother of Dawn. He is stupid, and loves to make fun of his younger sister.
TBA as Luke Daniels - Luke is Dawn's best friend. He is smart, nice, weird, and nerdy. He always has Dawn's back and since he is so weird, he makes Dawn feel better about herself.
TBA as Drew Daffern - Drew is also one of Dawn's friends. He is also Kevin's friend, but he stands up for Dawn when Kevin makes fun of her. He is athletic, and he always wants to be specific.
So yeah, I hope you like my pitch!
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